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Rick and Delta delayed (new show also delayed and annoucment)

Posted by ELIASREXNINJA - February 27th, 2021

hi i know that nobody ever gave a shit about my annoucment of my show rick and delta but while i was working on Rick and Delta i was working on another show but instead of the show being for adults like Rick and Delta would be the other show was going to be for kids young ones it was suppose to be like the early mickey mouse and cartoons from the late 20s and 30s trying to be a funny guy and can show that without word the cartoon you was watching was still funny without any dialoug (english isnt my first languages so i escuse for my bad writing) anyways i said i would finish it before summer but it never happend why well it was kind hard to animated mostly it was just animating mouths and facial expression i only did the character design once for Rick and Delta and the second reason why it didnt release before summer of 2020 was well i worked Rick and Delta during school hours wich then is the bigest reason why it didnt relase and then you are wondering why i didnt try to pick up the work and continue going on well heres two reasons 1 it was the last year i was working in that school i think no wait sorry i am just trying to remember right now so it was 1 years until i would go to a new school which happend last year and during last year i was going through stress of my personal life with studies and thinking about going to a new school also i had a plan to fix that little idea to use a usb drive but i was using a chromebook so ya i forgot to do it woopsie i guess also i changed to a mac last year on my new school becuase i didnt like the chromebook at all so ya the second reason was the software i used wich was wick editor wich was a good software but while looking through my google drive on the google drive that i was suppose to use in my new school i couldnt find it wich that day i forgot what it was named only i needed to work on it so ya on monday i will plan to go to my old school and get the files to the project to a usb file that i have wish my luck and also the new show that i was mentioning is going to be put on hold while i am working on rick and delta and goodbye plz wait it will comeout