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im back

Posted by ELIASREXNINJA - 1 month ago

hello everybody i am back so i havent been posting any new stuff around here so here is what have happend after my last post or art do you remember my desk art well the tablet i used was a huion h420 well one day when i tried it i plugged it in like i normaly would checked if the pen is on it was on i opened ms paint i tried it out selected the brush i wanted then when i touched the tablet with my pen there was no line so i was confused i pluged it out and pluged it in tried it agian didnt work so then i looked at the pen tip so i tried to use the tool to take it out and plug it in well i failed and the pen got scratches on the pen until i looked at a tutorial on how to do it so i made it right pluged a new tip in the pen tried it on didnt work then i pressed on of the pens buttons then i moved the pen over the tablet (in google) the browser switched place and i was confused why i tried other computers same thing happend so i had to use my mouse that i use and well lets say it is very old like not in the 80s or 70s no like the early 2000s it was made by HP the same company that makes computers i was suprised that the pen had a digital chip inside it my morden mouse dosent have that one probaly the morden one i more advanced but the HP mouse its bad its not good as the tablet so any other things happend well i have a discord server that i own wich has 7 members in it minus me so ya and i was in the fortnite season x event well i didnt see the rocket event on my ps4 becuse i won a match in the THE END mode so i was in the lobby and fortnite was like "we cant let pepole be in the lobby and not be in the the event so lets have a event in the lobby too for everyone who couldnt see the event if they are in the lobby" so i saw the event on my iphone and everyone saw the black hole screen which i calls it on my perspective i know the event happend yesterday and thanks to fortnite i was in the event even i didnt see the rocket launch on my ps4 but its ok so i go to go now so bye